Verbi Irregolari 4 Help

Stefano Franzato

Table of Contents

1. Verbi Irregolari 4
What it is and what it is useful for
2. Using the program
How to process the verb list

Chapter 1. Verbi Irregolari 4

What it is and what it is useful for

This program can be considered an utility for teachers of English. Its purpose is in fact to provide formatted lists of the loaded English irregular verbs with random missing parts (one only). This missing part may be either the Infinitive or the Paste Tense or the Past Participle or even the meaning.


Using any editor, the teacher has to prepare the list of the English irrehgular verbs he gradually teaches his pupils. He must pay attention to write his list this way

buy bought bought comprare,acquistare

understand understood understood capire,comprenere

have had had avere

i.e. leaving only one space between each word and avoiding to write the equal sign (=) before the meaning. If he wants to write more than a meaning this must be divided only by a coma (,). Any mistake in preparing the verb list will cause a malfunction when procesing it. Anyway, in the program package examples of verb lists are provided.

Chapter 2. Using the program

How to process the verb list

Once the teacher has prepared his verb list, through the menu File, he has to load it; then - if he wants - he may also shuffle it.

Through the spin button, he must decide how many items (i.e. verbs) he wants to prepare for his pupils; in other words the whole verb list may contain - say - twenty or more verbs but the teacher wants to use only five or then randomly chosen; well, he will use the spin button in the bottom left of the main window then, he must click the button Process and he will see a processed list of verbs. If he does not like it, he may click the same button again and see the result.

Then - by positioning the mouse's arrow over the processed verbs and by clicking the right button of the mouse - he may either print or select them all in order to copy them in the clipboard and, then, paste them in a a written test he is preparing with a word processor.