Project FEPS

Foreign Language Educational Programs

In this site you will find all FL free educational programs hopefully useful both to FL teachers (especially teachers of English but not necessarily them only) and to FL learners as well. It is a just born site and this is the reason why it may appear so bare. But I hope to fill it, every time I can.

WORD QUIZ; WORD QUIZ: my first program written with Lazarus Word Quiz Setup; (446 kb)
Delphi 6 Word Quiz Sources; (43 kb)
Word Quiz vers. 1.2;no libraries needed (1.3 MB)
Word Quiz vers. 1.2 Lazarus Project;(200 KB)
Verb Quiz; What is Verb Quiz? Verb Quiz Setup; (955 kb)
Delphi 6 Verb Quiz Sources; (636 kb)
Not yet available
verbiirr3 intro; VI3-1.2- Setup; (1.5 Mb)
Verbi Irregolari 3 Lazarus for Windows Sources; (183 kb)
laz_vi3.tar.bz2;lazarus for Linux binaries (2.8 Mb); Lazarus for Linux sources (215 Kb)
Verbi Irregolari 4 Help file; VI4 Setup; (300 Kb)
Verbi Irregolari 4 Delphi 6 Project Sources; (40 kb)
Verbi Irregolari 4 Gambas project files (52 Kb)
The complete Italian translation of the program SFRASI SFRASI_ITA Setup; (300 Kb)
SFRASI_ITA Delphi 6 Project Sources; (40 kb)
Not implemented

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